Something for YOU,
Your HOME,

Landmark Building - circa 1870


Located at:

67 Main Street
Bridgton, ME 04009-1117
(207) 647-5436
Summer Hours - 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM

About Craftworks

Craftworks has been in downtown Bridgton for almost 30 years. The store has always been a place where you could find an item especially for you. Store Owner, Judith, loves what she does and it shows.


Fabulous and fun women's clothing and accessories - for a walk on the beach, a day at work, or a special evening out. You'll also find tasteful housewares and decor - books, wine - and gifts for all occasions, a wedding, or that small "thank you."


Majestically standing on the south side of West Main Street, the Craftworks building towers above everything else on the street.

Featured Products:

  • American Crafts
  • Stonewall Kitchen Products
  • Habitat
  • Effie Hearts
  • Lou Anderson's Cutting Boards
  • Campbell Pottery
  • Flax

If I have friends that are looking for something interesting or different - "You gotta go to Craftworks in Bridgton, Maine".

I have two daughters that are very picky. The know though, whatever I get them, if it's from Craftworks, they'll love it!

Thanks for providing a fun place to shop. I come back every year to make a purchase. - Barbara J., New York, NY

I love to come here every summer . . . It is so much fun to shop here.
- Phyllis R., New York, NY

I love Craftworks - The buyer is fabulous and everyone is helpful and everything is adorable. - Judy R., Norfolk, VA